Best Treadmills Under 500

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Top Treadmills Under $500

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It is very important to try and exercise everyday. A very easy way for people of all ages and health levels is to exercise by doing something they already do every single day, walk. Walking is a very ea However, two of the most common problems with trying to fulfill this is lack of time and lack of equipment. Waling in a house or outside may not be an option. This is where the innovative treadmill was invented. Today there are man Yb companies with treadmills across the world but the best under $500 are Merrit Fitness Plus, Golds Gym Trainer and Weslo and here's why.

When it comes down to saving space in your home the Merrit Fitness Plus is top of the line. For easy and folding into storage space it is number one. The top speed is 10meh and weighs less than 110 pounds. The price tag for this masterpiece is around $440.

Golds Gym Trainer already comes along with a well known name however the quality is worth the purchase. With over seven options for workout plans already programmed in the treadmill Golds Gym Trainer is designed to train all athletic levels of customers. This company is so confident in its equipment that it gives a five-year warranty with the purchase of $480.

A top seller is the Weslo Cadence G5.9 treadmill. It is in many retail stores and for good reason. The cost in the stores is only $399 but the features can be compared to much more expensive competitors. It has a built heart monitor, goes 10 meh and over six workout plans. If that's not enough, your workouts are guaranteed to produce personal gains because professional fitness trainers have put together the workout plans in this unique treadmill. Read more reviews about the best treadmills at